The XCell, a Compact and Accessible AFP Solution.

Accessible Automation

Automated Fibre Placement is no longer exclusive to large aeronautical applications.

Dedicated to manufacturing small 2D or 3D preforms.

Easily integrated into any workshop thanks to its compact size and lightweight design.

Turnkey Solution

Production unit ready to start preforming.

Simple connection to your air supply and electrical network.

Our dedicated AFP software enables you to start placing your parts in no time.

Aircon Unit
Creel Access Door
Preform Handling Door
Human Machine Interface
Industrial 6 Axis Robot
XPlace : Compact AFP Head


The XCell is a complete production system automating composites preforming. Designed in an enclosed environment to ensure reliable manufacturing, it can be integrated on your production line without any adjustments.

The XCell standard size is L 1.6m x W 1.6m x H 2m.

Max preform size for standard XCell is about 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m.

Custom size and layout can be tailored depending on part geometry.


The XCell is equiped with a KUKA KR10-R1100-2, designed for high speed and repeatability while keeping a low weight.

Its 6 axis of motion enables the manufacture of complex 3D preforms as well as flat ones.

A robot with longer reach can be implemented if larger preforming is required.

Temperature is a key factor for successful AFP using prepreg material.

The XCell is designed in an enclosed and isolated environment with temperature control in order to provide autonomy and repeatability during the process.

Temperature can be set between 18°C and 20°C depending on the materials being used.

Keeping in mind an industrial application we have chosen to provide a Creel to store the bobbins of raw material. This allows for greater material storage capacity, which reduces machine downtime.

A single Creel unit can store up to 4 bobbins of max 4kg each as well as handle the rewinding of any separating film.

The Creel is controlled through the Human Machine Interface to set tension level and the number of spools being used.

A second Creel unit can be added as an option if multi-material placement is required.

The heart of the machine is the XPlace : our compact AFP head engineered to preform small parts with speed and accuracy.

With a weight of 5.5kg, it can be mounted on a small industrial robot.

Some unique functionalities include : reduced minimum tape length down to 50mm, capacity to place double thickness of material and angled fibre cutting.


Vertical positionner 750mm diameter

Enables efficient use of the XCell by keeping the XPlace in the optimal orientation

The XCell is currently optimised for fibre or tape like material, typically towpreg and slit tape.

Primarily developed for prepreg material, it can also support dry material such as tapes with a binder.

Multi-Material with Automatic Tool Changer :

An additional XPlace head and Creel can be integrated to enable multi-material placement (e.g. Carbon/Glass or HS-Carbon/HM-Carbon) or to increase storage capacity. The automatic tool changer allows for quick change of AFP head without human interaction.

Ultrasonic Cutter :

Automated Fibre Placement produces near-net shape preforms meaning that your preform still needs to be trimmed to fit perfectly in your mold.

An ultrasonic cutter can be added to deliver real net shape preforms ready to be molded.


Ultrasonic cutter
Multi AFP Heads
Automatic Tool Changer
External Axis Turn Table

Simplified Workflow

Design It.

CAD your part geometry

Determine ply shapes

Choose materials

Program it.

Setup material and process parameters

Input your layup sequence

Simulate robot trajectories and generate your Robot code

Place It.

Transfer your code to the XCell

Load your material

Start preforming your part