XLay Software for Automated Fibre Placement

An all-in-one software solution

1. Part Design

Our solution is based on the 3D modelling Software Rhinoceros which comes with all the tools you need to create your geometry

2. Layup Design

Select your ply shapes, assign fibre orientation, material properties, machine parameters etc... for both flat and complex surfaces

3. Robot Simulation

You can visualize the robot trajectories in real time to check in advance and solve any problem before running the machine

4. Robot Code

The robot code is automatically updated each time you make a modification. Simply copy it in your machine controller to start placing

Overview of Key Features

Flexible Software

XLay is a plugin for Rhinoceros/Grasshopper which gives you access to all the Rhinoceros functionalities.

You can either CAD directly in Rhinoceros or import your geometry from your preferred CAD system. A large variety of formats are supported including mesh files.

Easy to Use

Simply input your ply shapes, layup sequence and process parameters to simulate the AFP process and to generate your machine code.

Interactive Preview

Changes in layup settings are updated real-time in the viewport.

It saves time while adjusting parameters to get the final shape of the preform the machine will place.

Robot Simulation

You can simulate the whole process in XLay leaving no surprises when you will run the code on the XCell.

Check for collisions and robot reach in advance and make your modifications quickly on the software.