Increase your productivity and repeatability with an automated solution

We specialise in the design of customised compact robotic cells using small KUKA robots to cover your needs in automation. Whether you want to trim, mill, place fibre, use ultrasonic cutting etc., we can provide a solution.


Minimum installation space

No construction work

Easily integrated


Simple and efficient architecture

Standard components

Modular design


Tailor made solutions

Optional features to install

Flexible manufacturing system



Dedicated programming tools

Offline programming

Basic skills required


Small robots to achieve great tasks

Small robots have the competitive advantage of being of the highest precision and fastest of the range. Combined with a payload of up to 16kg and a work envelope reaching up to 1.5 meter, they are the perfect solution for automating tasks related to producing small composites parts. Their small footprint and low weight allow them to be easily integrated in your workshop and moved with minimum effort.

Digital Manufacturing

There are important factors to be considered before investing in a robotic solution. We are able to create a virtual model of your working environment that provides a view of the process layout before it is implemented physically. After the layout has been defined, we can simulate the process and identify eventual problems beforehand.

Robot programming made accessible

The use of KUKA|prc for our robotic programming brings the following advantages:
– Embedded inside the CAD software Rhinoceros
– Simulation environment to fine tune paths and identify collisions
– Parametric programming for complex motions
– Graphic interface