/ XCell

Turnkey robotic cell, ready for production.


/ Specifications

Standard machine capabilities and performance.


Width : 1900mm
Depth : 1700mm
Height : 2100mm
Weight : approx 700kg
Power : 230V mono approx 2kW (during Thermoset placement)

Part size.

Length : 1000mm
Width : 600mm
Height : 600mm
Max Mold weigth : approx 50kg

Material type.

Matrix system : Thermoset / Thermoplastic / Dry stabilized
Format : Towpreg / Slit Tape
Standard : 3" cardboard core / Cassette Hafner spools / Hybrid Spools
Quantity : max 4kg or 315mm OD per spool


6 axis KUKA KR10-R1100-2 robot enables 2D and 3D deposition
Turntable positioner Ø750mm increases workspace flexibility
Creel system with tension control
Enclosed and temperature regulated environment
Safety monitoring of the workspace and cell area

/ Optional features

Customize your XCell from a large choice of options.

Additional horizontal axis synchronised with the robot 6 axis. Enables the manufacturing of complex hollow parts similarly to filament winding but providing some benefits :
- pure 0° UD placement
- material savings by placing exactly where needed
- local reinforcements
- No crimp between layers
- Tow steering

The XCell can be used as a multi process cell able to perform AFP, ultrasonic cutting, filament winding* or even 3D printing*.
For this purpose an automatic tool changer can be added to switch tool with a common electrical connector.
*work in progress

As a third tool, the XCell can be supplied with an ultrasonic cutter to cut preforms to net shapes. This compact cutting unit is able to cut uncured laminates up to 6-8mm thickness as well as core materials.

For the deposition of thermoplastic tapes or dry stabilized tapes, a hot air gun able to reach 280-300°C is available together with a 500 x 500mm heated plate reaching 150°C.
Example of thermoplastic matrices compatible: PA, PP, PPA, PPS.

For applications looking at hybrid layups and multi-material placement, a second XPlace mk3 head can be supplied with dedicated creel system. Combined with the automatic tool changer, the XCell can place automatically different materials by switching head when necessary.

Compact filament winding head for 1 or 2 fibres, maximum 40N per fibre.

/ XPlace mk3

Our compact and lightweight AFP head.


Minimum fibre length: 60mm
Number of fibres: 1 or 2 side by side (for TP or dry)
Thermoset Tape width: from 3mm to 15mm
Thermoplastic/Dry tapes width: from 3mm to 20mm
Start and end accuracy: ±1.5mm
Tolerance between 2 tapes: 0/+1.5mm
Infra-red heating power: 300W

Angular cutting.

Capacity to cut the tape at an angle between -45° to +45° directly inside the AFP head. This patented technology enables a near net shape preform without final trimming.

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