/ XLay

Automated Fibre Placement path planner and robot simulation.


/ Workflow

From CAD design to machine code generation in simple steps and a single interface.

Design it - Program it - Place it


Design or Import geometry


Build layups


Simulate Robot Trajectories


Export Machine Code

/ Features

Automated Fibre Placement path planner and robot simulation.

Easy to use.

Integrated on the famous Rhino 7 CAD software, Xlay is focusing on user experience in order to generate machine code rapidly. Essential features are easily accessible while still keeping an access to more advanced features.

Interactive programming.

Adjust parameters with viewport update on the fly. Accelerate your preforming optimization and quickly get running on the machine.

Economical study.

As soon as a layup is input, XLay computes relevant economical study parameters such as preforming time, material consumption, material waste. Adjust material width or robot deposition speed to try different production scenarios and their effect on cycle time.

Robot simulation.

Seamless integration with all Carbon Axis products. Simulate the robot trajectories, check for collisions and robot reach in advance and make your modifications quickly on the software.

/ Options

More processes supported by the XCell.


Path planning and robot simulation for tape winding process.


Path planning and robot simulation for ultrasonic cutting process

Start automating your layup.

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