/ XCell-M

Turnkey robotic cell, ready for production on a larger scale

Coming 2024

/ XPlace²

Modular and flexible AFP head design

The concept.

The XPlace² automated fibre placement head has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in terms of material type, material configuration and heating systems.
The modular concept enables the configuration of the head for specific projects and can be upgraded as needed.


Spool configurations: 1, 2, 3 or 4 spools on the head
Spool type: 3" cardboard core / flat Hafner spool / Hybrid spools
Max deposition width: 2'' (eg: 4x1/2" tapes or 1x2" tape)
Xplace² weight: approx 25kg unloaded in 4 spools configuration

Heating systems.

Infra-red heater: 300W
Hot air gun: 800W
(In development for Laser and Humm3 systems)

Material type.

Matrix system : Thermoset / Thermoplastic / Dry stabilized
Format : Towpreg / Slit Tape
Quantity : max 5kg

Recommended Robot.

KUKA IONTEC KR50-R2500-2 (or at least 50kg of payload)

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